Friday, 10 July 2015

Effective practices for maintaining your diesel generator.

Irrespective of the nature of the use of your diesel generator, good maintenance practices will increase the life of your dg set. Here are some of things that should perform and continue to maintain one’s dg set.
1. Check the level of your oil regularly
2. Inspect and replace the oil filter – once a year is a good general practice.

3. Check the belts & look for signs of wear & tear. Belts that are dry or cracking can lead to inefficiency in your generators performance. Replace them on time to avoid overheating of the motor.  

The above was for smaller portable
dg sets. For large generators the level of scrutiny in maintenance has to move a notch up. The Maintenance Schedule should be strictly followed and documented, logging any actions taken and readings for future comparison.  The best way to extend the life of your generator is through preventive maintenance.  

While on your maintenance spree, the maintenance provider checks for aberrations in the following systems to insure there are no mechanical issues that can lead to safety problems:

Electrical System
Check the battery terminals to clean rust at points. Clean points are as necessary to maintain a strong connection.  Ineffective Batteries are usually the primary reason of standby failures.  Batteries that have been maintained to the highest level weaken in time and must be replaced.  The only way to prevent a failure lead by a weak battery is testing and inspections. 

Air Intake System – If your system has a turbocharger – replace Air Cleaner Filter elements as recommended by the Manufacturer. Your routine inspection should include the checking the charge-air cooler for any debris which could damage or block the fins. 

Fuel System – All lines and filters should be checked for splits or thinning. Work on any lines that show signs of wear due to abrasion. Otherwise it would lead to an eventual breakage at a critical time.  Repair all leaking lines immediately. Diesel fuels should be drained periodically.

Exhaust System – The entire system must be tested for connection problems, any leaks must be detected and repaired.

Engine – Check all fluid levels. Please note that oil levels needs to be checked after engine has cooled down.

Coolant Systems – Check level on cool engine.  If level is low add to approximately three-quarter inch below the cap lower seal.  

Maintain these habits and be assured to give your
DG sets a larger life. Do visit our website to check the guidelines and specific timelines on maintenance for various products. 

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