Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Development of Generic Checklist for Diesel Power Generator Maintenance.

The service department in Mahindra Powerol performs the role of foreseeing repairs and initiating activities that prevent mechanical failures. Effective preventive maintenance inspection ensures that diesel power gensets reach their optimum service life what we refer to as ‘Happiness Delivery Machines’ (HDMs).

Preventive maintenance program is very successful in improving equipment reliability while minimizing maintenance-related costs. Preventive maintenance is an action involving inspection, servicing, repairing or replacing physical components of the diesel generator by following the prescribed schedule. The primary goal of PM is to prevent the failure of equipment before it actually occurs.

Preventive Maintenance can be classified in various ways. It is broken down into the following fundamental elements : Inspections, Repairs, campaigns and replacements and Overhauls/refurbish.

At Mahindra Powerol ‘Happiness Delivery Preventive Maintenance’ (HDPM's) are carried out where a total of 54 points are taken into consideration including tightening of the belts and checking the diesel generators wiring. The four most common HDPM's that are conducted are:

1.       Replacement of oil and fuel filters

2.       Cleaning and replacement of air cleaner filters

3.       Top up/ replacement of lube oil

4.       Top up/ replacement of coolant.

Inspections form a critical part of PM at Mahindra Powerol.

Inspections are done to check vital fluid levels, to obtain information about the well-being of the diesel power industrial generating plant. Manual inspection procedures entail manually checking engine oil, transmission fluid, and coolant levels; visually checking the engine compartment for leaks, listening for unusual sounds and other abnormalities.

Early detection of problems allows agencies to plan and prioritize repair schedules, order needed parts, and accordingly plan staff allocation. The alternative is addressing failures when they occur in service, resulting in service delays and operational inconveniences.

We’ve compiled a generic checklist of the list of things you must consider doing and the frequency in order to maintain the healthy life of your diesel generator. We recommend that you contact a Mahindra Powerol service engineer for the same.

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