Thursday, 18 June 2015


DG sets are instruments designed to power up your equipment while you face an outage. If you belong to an area where power outages are frequent, it’s imperative that you work towards maintaining or increasing the fuel efficiencies. Here are some quick tips for saving energy in Diesel Gensets:

1.     Ensure that you allow the intake of cold, dust free air. Use of air washers for large sets, in the case of dry, hot weather, can be considered.
2.     Improve air filtration to reduce possibilities of decrease in efficiency due to dirt. 
3.     It’s important that one ensures fuel oil storage & handling is as per manufacturers' guidelines.
4.     It’s imperative to ensure compliance with the maintenance checklist. See our blog :-
5.     Ensure steady load conditions, avoiding fluctuations & imbalance in phases to ensure an efficient performance.

The final and most important factor to consider is the purchase of a fuel efficient DG set. A sensible choice will ensure the higher energy saving. However, do ensure that the above mentioned pointers are taken into consideration. Check out our range of fuel efficient DG sets on


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