Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Launching 250/320kVA gensets powered with advanced CRDe technology!

We have just made our entry into the higher kVA diesel gensets with the launch of 250kVA and 320kVA diesel gensets that come powered with our mPOWER series engines and the advanced CRDe technology. The newest addition is a range of 9.3 litre-engines and are designed at our R&D hub at Mahindra Research Valley in Chennai and manufactured at our Chakan plant near Pune.

All new 250kVA Diesel Genset.

What are the unique advantages of our new CRDe diesel gensets?

-          Our CRDe (Common Rail Diesel Engine) technology is known to be future ready, heavy duty performance and superior fuel efficiency. It reduces pollution significantly and goes beyond the standard emission norms of gaseous pollutants. The technology when used in our new 250 and 320kVA DG sets means a great service to the society and even business.

-          Mahindra Powerol DG sets has a high block loading capacity which enhances the performance of the DG set as compared to a high instantaneous load which is very useful for heavy duty applications.

-          Our new range of diesel gensets are well equipped with our unique DiGi-SENSE technology which ultimately makes them smart diesel generator sets. The performance of a smart DG can be monitored in real time from anywhere and thus improving their uptime.

-          In an industry that’s primarily service driven, the purchase decision of a DG set largely depends upon its service network and aftersales service. Mahindra Powerol Diesel gensets are supported by one of the widest network of more than 200 dealers with over 400 touchpoints spread nationwide.

-          Our call center alert is available 24/7, is centralized and is well equipped to provide quick support. Our team of experts can help choose the optimal most and well suited solution to help customers in the shortest span of time.

-          These CRDe engines in our advanced 250kVA and 320kVA diesel gensets are equipped with high pressure fuel injection system and operate at over 1600 bar which lead to better emission compliance.

-          We have also designated a unique color – Coral orange to the entire range of the new and aesthetically improved Diesel gensets.

-          Users get superior performance and low fuel consumption.

-          It comes with superior response capabilities which makes it suitable for all kinds of applications.

-          These gensets have been built sturdy and are easily operational under extreme climatic conditions.

-          Comes with better diagnostics and troubleshooting capabilities which aids in quick fault finding and providing solutions.

-          The new 250kVA diesel generator comes with the highest ever displacement in its class making it capable of taking instantaneous heavy load. This ultimately makes it perfectly suited for the toughest applications ever.

-          The new gensets come with the heavy-duty filter that make its performance uncomplicated and trouble-free even under highly dusty conditions.

-          The new gensets are equipped with Mahindra’s Digi-Sense technology that makes possible monitoring of all the critical performance parameters anytime from anywhere.

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Thursday, 2 November 2017

How to deal with low power factor (PF) in DG sets? - Part 2

Robust Power Factor correction systems have been designed by expert power electronics developers as per the given limitations and system boundaries (in Part 1). The newly designed systems deploy the principles of the conventional Automatic Power Factor Corrector (APFC) but they differ significantly on aspects like the control logics and subsequently the controller hardware that are cutting-edge and sophisticated. In common language, this corrective mechanism is known as reactive power consumption whereby a mirror image of the tracked power factor is formed to correct it in real time.

To put this into effect you would need the below things:

1.      Thyristors with solid state relays - As the name itself suggests and unlike the conventional magnetic induction relays, these are made up of solid state electronics (semiconductors) that are helpful in eliminating transient currents and reducing the time lag between the consecutive switchovers of capacitors.

2.      Multiple current sensors-A current transformer should be available for every electrical phase of the layout. It will virtually balance the load and correct the power factor on every phase line.

3.      Microprocessor-based controllers - The additional phase-wise data parameters and the calculation of power for correction determination have rendered micro controller based controllers slow and sluggish. That is why hardcoded PLCs or faster microprocessors work better than them.

Advantages of correcting the Power Factor with the above advanced methods:

1.      More alternator efficiency- The copper losses that are associated with an alternator are directly proportional to the square of the current that it delivers. Thus, the correction of power factorwill lead to lesser current per unit power and reduce the associated copper loss.

2.      Reduced overheating and voltage fluctuations - There’ll be reduction in the currents in the total system. Due to this, overheating and voltage fluctuations in the windings and the transmission network due to the shuttling of loads is greatly reduced. This further saves T&D losses.

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