Wednesday, 26 March 2014


If the concept of saving power sounds like an old man's haggle to you, here are 3 simple steps for you to play Captain Planet. Get ready to save energy and brag about it too... 

1. 'LED' the change
Replace your incandescent light bulbs with colorful LED. They are cheaper, vivid and consume less electricity. Switch it on, change it as per the mood of the moment and watch her go 'Oooo'

2. Use the window well
Open up your windows for light and air to come in. There is nothing that light ups the house like sunlight. Fresh air and love is all we need...

3. Unplug Posters
Make people in the house conscious of unplugging all appliances when not in use. Put up some cool posters, reminding users to unplug when done... Go corny. Embarrassing enough for the person who left your computer on for more than 10 minutes to go and switch it off

So the next time your friends visit you, show off the cool things you do to save money and save the planet. Don't forget to put on your cape

Darkness for a brighter future

On Saturday March 29th at 8.30 PM, millions of people across the world are turning to darkness for a brighter future. They will be switching off their lights for an hour to show their commitment towards the planet and towards energy consumption. 

The concept was started in 2007 with Sydney Australia being the first city to observe the Earth Hour. Over 2.2 million Sydnersiders set the ball rolling for the world to show their commitment towards energy consumption. The next year saw participation from over 371 cities from over 35 countries, quickly becoming the world's largest grassroot movement. 

Last year the Earth Hour saw phenomenal increase in support as the world rallied together for one hour in an inspiring display of what people can accomplish when they put their hearts in the right place. India's gateway of India was one of the participating landmarks.

This year the change is already underway. In Uganda over 500000 trees will be planted to create the world's first Earth Hour Forest in a fight against the 6000 hectares of deforestation. 

We call on people like you to come join hands with us and support this cause. This year with the Earth Hour Blue, you could also support one of their many inspiring projects.

It’s one turn-off you should embrace and be proud of.

Let’s indulge in darkness for a brighter future

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Mahindra Powerol wins the prestigious awards from Indus Towers Ltd.

Mar‘14: In a glittering ceremony that was conducted in New Delhi, Mahindra Powerol was honoured with Gold Award in Technology category for Variable Speed Kit & Silver award for DG SME (Subject Matter Expert) from its long term business associate Indus Towers Ltd.

This award has recognized Powerol for the development of break through Variable Speed AC DG & conversion kits for existing sites. 

This award has recognized Powerol for the development of break through Variable Speed AC DG & conversion kits for existing sites.

With a portfolio of more than 1,12,936 towers, Indus  is the largest telecom tower company in the world. This unprecedented connectivity gives India the means to realize untapped potential, that could truly transform her economic leverage. It is truly an honor for Powerol to be consistently recognized by this Telecom major for its efforts for a delightful customer experience.

Mr. Palaniappan, Sr. V.P. & Business Head – Powerol, Mr. Sanjeev Narula, Sr. G.M. Telecom Sales, Mr. Vinesh Jain, Sr. G.M. Customer Care, Mr. Manogaran – G.M. Customer Care & Mr. S Subramaniam, DGM Telecom Sales attended the award function.
Team Powerol was elated to be awarded for 360° customer satisfaction. These awards are dedicated to the Powerol Telecom & service team for their superfluous display of agility in all the
ir operations.
Besides, we also got nominated for Infra Equipment Supply category among all suppliers including battery banks, ACs etc.

Over the years, Powerol has secured the no. 1 partner position for Indus Towers and has also been their strategic partner in new products and maintenance services. Powerol will continue to deliver performance par excellence and will continue to strive to retain its top position in future.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Mahindra Powerol participates in CEEAMATECH – 2014 at Mumbai

With an objective to become No.1 in retail sales, it is imperative for Powerol to target each & every individual segment in a planned way. To target the ever growing consultant segment, Powerol has initiated the route of imparting knowledge on trending topics, which will enhance the capability of Electrical Consultants & Contractors.

To further spread its reach in the consultant segment, Mahindra Powerol sponsored & participated in “One Day Conference on Electrical Safety & Solar Power” at the Hotel Intercontinental the Lalit, Mumbai organised by CEEAMA.

The objective is to create awareness for business opportunities in the Consulting Electrical Engineer Associations of Maharashtra. The exhibition witnessed good participation from the energy sector across Maharashtra, which showcased some of the latest trends in distribution, generation and alternate energy sources.

Technical presentations on “Solar System and Diesel Generators” were given by Mr. Shashank Kotwal, DGM, Mahindra Powerol.

Key decision makers and Influencers across Maharashtra visited our stall. The same set of attendees has started giving enquiries to Team Powerol

These presentations were followed by a Q & A session where the audience addressed their queries to the panelists. This session showed how greatly interested the audience was in the products and services of Powerol. Powerol would continue to participate in such forums to strengthen its presence in the retail DG business.