Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Mahindra Powerol celebrates Mahindra Sustainability Month by planting 50,000 saplings across India and Overseas

Esops leader Mr. Palaniappan planting 
sapling in Bangalore

June ‘14: In support of Mahindra’s Sustainability Month and World Environment Day, Mahindra Powerol launched its Sustainability Initiative ‘Powerol Green Team’. ‘Powerol Green Team’ is a group of Powerol employees who have pledged to raise their voice against climate change and participate in the various sustainability driven activities conducted in Powerol, the chief being the Mega Plantation Drive across India and Overseas. Over 200 Powerol employees across India are part of the Mega Plantation Drive was conducted on 14th June 2014.

Esops Champion Mr. Goyal
Mahindra Powerol geared up for this ambitious plan of planting 50,000 saplings across India and in two international locations – UAE and Nepal.
Mr. Palaniappan, Esops Leader, Sr. Vice President and Business Head – Powerol initiated the drive by planting the first sapling in Bangalore.
The Esops champion Mr. Narendra Goyal, General Manager – Powerol Business, led the drive with relentless passion along with the Esops Implementation Committee.

Powerol Green Team from Kandivali participated in Plantation Drive on 14th June’14

Plantation drive in Dubai
Mahindra Powerol invited its channel partners to actively participate in mega plantation initiative. The response was overwhelming and helped Powerol achieve its target of planting 50,000 saplings!
Special thanks to the local coordinators of each location who ensured this drive was successful.  

Celebrating Sustainability Month and World Environment Day is about the inspirational power of a few individual actions that collectively become an exponential force for driving positive change. Powerol will be organizing more activities as part of its CSR initiatives. 

Tuesday, 12 August 2014


Facebook DP’s and Instagram pages are filled with selfies. Call that the mood of the social space or vanity at its peak.  The right angle and right exposure, a bit of red and a tinge of blue changes the way the image looks. Even Narcissist would have seemed humble if he was alive today.

Going by the trend, we thought of paralleling it to something equally beautiful as us humans. If we humans are god’s more beautiful creation, there are some marvellous man made creations that look stunning. They look beautiful in broad day light too. But let’s take a hypothesis. If the monuments were to assign their filters to their own selfies, how would it look like? Here is a sneak peak of the monuments rolling deep in vanity.

The epitome of love located in the city of Agra looks beautiful in the day with its pristine white play of marbles. As the sun sets, the tender touch of rustic orange kisses the white marbles. With the sky as the background and a beautiful landscape in front of it the play of red and yellow filters makes the monument look beautiful.

The Colosseum in Rome has a grungy look. Its massive size and broken walls have a story to tell. Lit with yellow light and in the backdrop of the skies, the Colosseum looks like a half eaten cheese cube in the night.

The Machu Pichu in Peru lit in blue light looks like some powerful beast arising. The contours and curves in the god’s most beautiful bump on this earth, when lit in manmade blue powercans looks magnificient.

If lights can swell up the look of already beautiful monuments, imagine what it can do to your house. The blue corner to rest, the orange one for positivity and the sun lit part of the house for pure energy. Many houses don’t depend on these lights for doing up their houses and keep depending on buying inventory. The main reason being the power failure. But times have moved fast. Small sized and low noise dg sets provide power for these pockets of power cuts. Long gone are the days of huge monster machines which sound like a grungy bike being raced by a rude rider. These new age dg sets are power efficient, pollution free and less noisy.

So, plan up to create another wonder within your house. Play up with light and use dg sets to say goodbye to power cuts. 

Monday, 4 August 2014

Let there be light

Light... the word and the concept both are familiar to us. So much so that we all take it so ‘lightly’ (pun unintended). The powerful version of energy that lights up our lives has relevance in multiple folds for our existence.

Let’s rush back to the school where we were introduced to the concept of photosynthesis. Lights are the dope for chlorophyll to produce oxygen, which inturn is the fuel for rest of the organisms to run. The sun rays bounce off the earth to heat up the atmosphere, so that we and the other living organisms don’t... well freeze to death a.k.a ‘Turning Popsicle’.

Visible light is important to us, because it is intimately involved in the common process of helping us to see things. The red light on the traffic signal, love messages on the mobile device, that pretty girl at the coffee shop, your new dream office and your kids getting married. Light plays a passive but a very important role. 

While the days are filled with natural light from the grand source sun, lot of innovation had led to cheaper and more convenient forms of creating light while the sun sleeps on our side of the world. From carbon button lamps, to the conventional incandescent light bulbs, to portable flashlights to big halogen lamps, the world has been lit by these man-made avatars of the light emitting sun. Recent research and protest by energy conservationists have also led to the invention of CFL bulbs and LED lights, which consume less power but emit enough light.

The latest fad around light is being furthered by the camera junkies. Every person with a smart phone today is a mini photographer with photo sharing social sites being their exhibition halls. Light exposures: over and minimalistic, shadow play and silhouettes shot out of palm sized devices are turning the world into a beautiful story.

What else defines the relevance of light than the fact that your good looking selfie was thanks to... good light play.

Light is a positive word. From functional relevance to relevance in vanity, it is prevalent in all walks of our lives. So much so that the positivity it emits made us use it as an apt adaptation for philanthropy. Lighting up lives.