Thursday, 27 February 2020

ePowerol: The Intelligent Digital Platform for Customers

Digitization has invaded our daily lives like never before. Be it grocery shopping, ticket booking, banking, booking doctor’s appointment the list is endless. Almost every task of our daily lives is aided by digital technology. Customers are managing their tasks online. They expect the same flexibility from every company they interact with.

Powerol has always been a front runner when it is about adopting new technologies and innovation. You may follow our blog Powerol & Technology.

If you are a proud owner of a Mahindra Powerol Generator you can now access all the product information free of cost from your Desktop or Mobile.

Introducing our digital platform, the ePowerol portal.

ePowerol is designed to support the maintenance and repair process of your Generator with much more convenience and transparency. This is another big leap towards providing maximum PEACE OF MIND to our customers.

All you need to do is, validate the Generator / Engine by submitting the engine serial number in the portal and a plethora of personalized functions open up for you:

Follow the link to access ePowerol:

By assigning the engine serial number in ePowerol, you are directly connected to an intelligent monitoring system provided by the manufacturer. ePowerol allows you to raise Service Call and monitor every stage of call closing from anywhere. It allows you to choose your own convenient time to get the services done. You can see the complete service history of your Generator in its chronological order. The announcement board keeps you updated about our upcoming products and service offerings.

Features of the ePowerol in a nutshell:

§  Book a service call
§  Call management
o    Status
o    Time to reach
o    eFSR
o    Feedback
o    Service history
§  Announcement board - products/offerings
§  Literature
§  Enquire/Refer for DG/AMC
§  Dashboards
§  Geographic location of sites on map

The world is becoming more and more digitized and customer expectation of online services continues to grow. As a truly customer centric organisation, we at Mahindra Powerol are keenly listening to our customers and always focused to provide the best customer experience.

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Thursday, 20 February 2020

SUPER SHIELD - A complete Peace of Mind solution.

Every diesel generator needs maintenance, irrespective of the brand it belongs to. Therefore, while choosing a brand for your generator see that it offers both superior quality and great after sales support.

When you choose a Mahindra Powerol generator you are actually investing in robust design, excellent workmanship and the country’s best after-sales support.

The industry standard of a generator warranty is 2 years. What happens after the warranty? Your generator will continue to run for years after the warranty is over. You will run the generator with your own responsibility or you will go for an AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract). But the conventional AMC comes with many conditions and complexities. It also requires your active involvement in the process.

Mahindra Powerol brings a path breaking, first of its kind in the industry, service package SUPER SHIELD. A complete PEACE OF MIND for 5 years. What we are offering is not a 5 year extended warranty, it is much more than that. This is an offer which can only be executed when a brand has enough confidence in their product and services.

Mahindra Powerol welcomes you to the world of SUPER SHIELD.

Benefits of the SUPER SHIELD package at a glance:
  •      Manufacturer-backed complete protection to your Generator for 5 years or 6000 hours.
  •      Fixed operating cost and least cost of ownership.
  •      No additional cost for preventive maintenance services (including parts and labour).
  •      Protection from price fluctuation for 5 years.
  •      No additional cost of repair in the unlikely event of a breakdown.
  •      Assurance of a back-up Generator if a break down takes more than 48 hours to repair.
  •     54 point service checks during preventive maintenance every 3 months.
  •     Service by company trained technicians using genuine parts only.
  •     Available for Generator ratings of 82.5, 100, 125, 160, 180, 200, 250 & 320 KVA. 

SUPER SHIELD is a very robust yet simple offer, it takes care of everything. The customers only need to take care of the diesel filling. We will maintain the Battery for 2 years for zero additional cost after that customer needs to pay for the repair and replacement of the Battery.

Purchasing Generator is a long term investment. A smaller one-time investment in SUPER SHIELD protects your investment and gives you a complete PEACE OF MIND!!!

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Thursday, 13 February 2020

Use tap water in Radiator?

Water is an excellent medium for heat transfer. Then why not use plain tap water in the cooling system of the diesel engines instead of the branded Coolants available in the market?

Although water is one of the best mediums for heat transfer, it has got some limitations.

Water will start boiling as soon as the temperature reaches 100oC and will evaporate in the form of steam.
To increase the boiling temperature of water the cooling system is designed as a closed-loop system equipped with a Pressure Cap in the Radiator. The concept is similar to that of a Pressure Cooker. By chance, if there is a leak in the Pressure Cap of the Radiator, the water will evaporate at 100oC, if not refilled in time all the water will vanish and the engine will seize due to high temperature.

Water freezes at 0oC, it will not work in sub-zero ambient temperatures. The water will freeze and block the coolant passages and will also damage the Water Pump.

Water is corrosive when it comes in contact with ferrous metals. It will form rusts throughout the coolant flow paths and eventually choke it. At very high temperature water also corrodes aluminium and copper parts.

The minerals and other impurities present in water also contribute to scale formation along the paths of coolant flow. The fine water tubes of the radiator will get choked severely.

Rust and scale formation completely destroys the cooling efficiency and finally the engine will seize due to lack of cooling. Only a costly and time-consuming engine overhaul service can restore the engine in such cases.

That is why specially formulated Coolants are used in engine cooling systems. Various chemicals are added into the water to make the coolant which is most suitable for the engine.

COOLANT = Water + Anti Freezing Chemicals + Anti Boiling Chemicals + Rust Inhibitor Chemicals

Some brands will sell their coolants as Ready-To-Use (RTU). The benefit of using RTU Coolant is that you don’t have to mix it with water. You simply open the can and pour the coolant directly into the Radiator.

Do not mix different brands of coolant. Before adding the manufacturer recommended coolant flush out the old coolant (if it is of a different brand).

Some brands will sell concentrated or semi-concentrated coolants. In such cases, the user needs to mix the coolant with locally sourced water.

While mixing the concentrated or semi-concentrated coolant with water be careful with the quality of water you choose. Do not use tap water or well water. Water from these sources contains various metals, salts and other impurities and will completely defeat the purpose of your investment in branded Coolants.

Use only DM (Demineralized) water for mixing with Concentrated or Semi-Concentrated Coolants. DM water is not distilled water, it is specially purified water that has had most, or all of its mineral and salt ions removed. It is also known as Deionised water.

All water sources contain various minerals that can eat through aluminium or copper fins of the Radiator. Well water is typically full of iron and very hard. If that well water is softened, still it will contain sodium or salt. Tap water from the local municipal supply will have various amounts of Calcium, Fluoride and Chlorine. These will contribute to Scale formation or leakage.

Only in case of extreme urgency, use water as a coolant. But get the coolant as soon as possible and drain the water completely and refill with coolant as early as possible.

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