Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Development of Generic Checklist for Diesel Power Generator Maintenance.

The service department in Mahindra Powerol performs the role of foreseeing repairs and initiating activities that prevent mechanical failures. Effective preventive maintenance inspection ensures that diesel power gensets reach their optimum service life what we refer to as ‘Happiness Delivery Machines’ (HDMs).

Preventive maintenance program is very successful in improving equipment reliability while minimizing maintenance-related costs. Preventive maintenance is an action involving inspection, servicing, repairing or replacing physical components of the diesel generator by following the prescribed schedule. The primary goal of PM is to prevent the failure of equipment before it actually occurs.

Preventive Maintenance can be classified in various ways. It is broken down into the following fundamental elements : Inspections, Repairs, campaigns and replacements and Overhauls/refurbish.

At Mahindra Powerol ‘Happiness Delivery Preventive Maintenance’ (HDPM's) are carried out where a total of 54 points are taken into consideration including tightening of the belts and checking the diesel generators wiring. The four most common HDPM's that are conducted are:

1.       Replacement of oil and fuel filters

2.       Cleaning and replacement of air cleaner filters

3.       Top up/ replacement of lube oil

4.       Top up/ replacement of coolant.

Inspections form a critical part of PM at Mahindra Powerol.

Inspections are done to check vital fluid levels, to obtain information about the well-being of the diesel power industrial generating plant. Manual inspection procedures entail manually checking engine oil, transmission fluid, and coolant levels; visually checking the engine compartment for leaks, listening for unusual sounds and other abnormalities.

Early detection of problems allows agencies to plan and prioritize repair schedules, order needed parts, and accordingly plan staff allocation. The alternative is addressing failures when they occur in service, resulting in service delays and operational inconveniences.

We’ve compiled a generic checklist of the list of things you must consider doing and the frequency in order to maintain the healthy life of your diesel generator. We recommend that you contact a Mahindra Powerol service engineer for the same.

Friday, 17 July 2015

Mahindra Powerol adds Power to ‘Saudi Power’

The Saudi Power Exhibition gathers the biggies from the industry under one roof, all in search of the latest products to service their multi-million dollar projects in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Power showcases the latest in equipment, technology and innovative solutions for a variety of industrial applications.

The event that happened at the Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center, KSA from 11th to 13th May ’15, was aimed at creating awareness for business opportunities in the region. Saudi is not a stranger to people with business interests. Its increasing affluence, high traction on tourism and steady population growth has made the region a hub for prospective businesses.

Saudi has recently seen a massive surge of mega projects which includes projects in the space of education, hotels, commercial spaces, residential projects and even expansion of cities. This massive roll out has resulted in a massive increase in demand for power back up solutions. We at Mahindra Powerol believe that we could contribute to the growth story of this booming market.

Competing with the biggest in the world, Team Powerol displayed the 160 kVA genset at the ‘Saudi Power’. Not only did the genset impress key decision makers from top corporates and trading houses, it also left the competition in awe.

A virgin visit at the Saudi Power, key executive from the Powerol family ensured that the stall was well attended. Mr. Atalkar, Sr. Manager Customer Care IO, Mr. Shelke, Country Manager Middle East, Powerol’s local distributors from Jeddah along with the Indian partner GSP were present at the site for catering to the local queries.

The visits to the stall, the inquisitiveness and the interest, all together were a testament to the acceptance of the Mahindra Powerol products in yet another international market. With our products powering over 300,000 Diesel generating sets in India & in global markets, we will soon be seeing Saudi being powered by Powerol. The advantages on offer like fuel Efficiency, better load acceptance, minimal vibration, low noise levels and low maintenance costs is too big a lure for any business man worth his salt to ignore us. The recent awards won, the prestigious Deming Prize for 2014 instituted by the Union of Japanese Scientists & Engineers (JUSE), is a testament of our global standards.

Friday, 10 July 2015

Effective practices for maintaining your diesel generator.

Irrespective of the nature of the use of your diesel generator, good maintenance practices will increase the life of your dg set. Here are some of things that should perform and continue to maintain one’s dg set.
1. Check the level of your oil regularly
2. Inspect and replace the oil filter – once a year is a good general practice.

3. Check the belts & look for signs of wear & tear. Belts that are dry or cracking can lead to inefficiency in your generators performance. Replace them on time to avoid overheating of the motor.  

The above was for smaller portable
dg sets. For large generators the level of scrutiny in maintenance has to move a notch up. The Maintenance Schedule should be strictly followed and documented, logging any actions taken and readings for future comparison.  The best way to extend the life of your generator is through preventive maintenance.  

While on your maintenance spree, the maintenance provider checks for aberrations in the following systems to insure there are no mechanical issues that can lead to safety problems:

Electrical System
Check the battery terminals to clean rust at points. Clean points are as necessary to maintain a strong connection.  Ineffective Batteries are usually the primary reason of standby failures.  Batteries that have been maintained to the highest level weaken in time and must be replaced.  The only way to prevent a failure lead by a weak battery is testing and inspections. 

Air Intake System – If your system has a turbocharger – replace Air Cleaner Filter elements as recommended by the Manufacturer. Your routine inspection should include the checking the charge-air cooler for any debris which could damage or block the fins. 

Fuel System – All lines and filters should be checked for splits or thinning. Work on any lines that show signs of wear due to abrasion. Otherwise it would lead to an eventual breakage at a critical time.  Repair all leaking lines immediately. Diesel fuels should be drained periodically.

Exhaust System – The entire system must be tested for connection problems, any leaks must be detected and repaired.

Engine – Check all fluid levels. Please note that oil levels needs to be checked after engine has cooled down.

Coolant Systems – Check level on cool engine.  If level is low add to approximately three-quarter inch below the cap lower seal.  

Maintain these habits and be assured to give your
DG sets a larger life. Do visit our website www.mahindrapowerol.com to check the guidelines and specific timelines on maintenance for various products.