Monday, 13 April 2015

Used generators or new ones... which one to choose?

A wide range of new and used generators and engines are available to potential buyers in the market today.  While the buying cycle typically starts out with identifying a need, it’s followed by a research to determine what your requirements are. Most important is the next stage, how much are you willing to pay for a generator? And why? That usually leads us to face an all-important decision of whether to go with a new or used generator.  In this blog we will help you with some factors that you might want to consider while choosing your generator.

New Generators:-
The number one reason for buying a new generator
 is the fact that it comes with a standard manufacturer's warranty.  The length and terms of each warranty varies greatly but is typically between one and two years, depending on the intended usage of the generator. And these warranties do not come with a substantial increase in cost.

However depending on the size, make and manufacturer, there may be a long wait time or limited availability, especially on the larger generators.  For companies who have the time to wait and really want the security a warranty offers for a year or two, new generators can be the best way to go. 

This really is the only reason why you would not prefer a new generator in comparison to a used one.

Used Generators:-
While they do not usually come with a warranty, it is often extremely advantageous to buy used electric power generators for a number of reasons. A key one is of course that used generators with low hours on the engines are often available at very attractive prices. 

Another benefit to purchasing a used genset is the fact that they are readily available and can be bought and installed very quickly.  There is no waiting because of limited availability and factory lead times.

Also, because most name brand manufacturers build industrial strength equipment, the risk is negligible.  Power generators are built to last and work whenever necessary, as that is their true function in most cases, to always be there when you need them the most.

The only real disadvantage of purchasing a used generator is just that, it was owned and used by someone else.  Therefore, you most likely have to go on the word of the seller as to the previous usage, history, and current condition the generator and engine are in.  This is why it's important you always consider purchasing from a reputable company who has the technical expertise and infrastructure to properly test, repair and/or rebuild these large industrial machines.  Most established sellers will test all their used generators for various loads, but many small brokers and individuals simply do not have the appropriate resources at their disposal.  Testing and servicing are both obviously critical.  Most tests often come with a verification certificate that details each units functioning. 

So if you are willing to wait and safety & security is of primary concern for you, then you must most definitely check to see the latest generators that we have in stock. If you are a price conscious consumer & are low on time, you may want to check the nearest, most dependable dealer to dole out a good used generator to you.  

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