Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Diesel Generator Fuel Cleaning and Polishing

Diesel fuel lasts for over 6 to 12 months without any maintenance and even longer in some applications but it certainly does not last forever. However, just because lasts for a year doesn’t mean that you keep it that way for a year. All diesel fuel deteriorates over time, and the longer it sits inside of a storage tank or within your idle diesel generator, the more likely it will begin to degenerate. So what does degenerated diesel do to you?

When a diesel power generator runs on dirty diesel fuel, sludge builds-up & clogs filters. Sludge build-up and clogged filters inside a diesel generator can cause the generator to function inefficiently or not function at all during a power outage. The result of a dysfunctional power generator can be extensive, from causing damage to the unit to not providing enough power to cover all primary systems, and most importantly stop functioning during an emergency.

Here are some other benefits of running a backup diesel power generator
  with clean diesel fuel

• Cleans and lubricates the injection system
• Fuel injectors are far less likely to fail
• Maintenance expenses can be kept lower
• Sludge build-up (sediment, rust, water, etc...) becomes less of a problem
• The diesel power generator will run with less smoke
• More reliable fuel for outages and emergencies

If you have not had the diesel fuel in your diesel generator and/or fuel storage tank sampled, analyzed, and monitored, the following may occur either within the fuel tank or within the generator itself:
• The fuel inside the tank will appear dark
• The tank will emit an unusual odour
• Sediment will develop at the bottom of the tank
• Exhaust from the generator engine will be dark in colour while running
• The generator's fuel lines and/or filters will appear clogged
• Starting system damage (battery, relays and electrical components)
• Fuel injection pump and injectors clogged or damaged
• The generator output and engine performance may be intermittent

Diesel fuel is an organic substance that naturally begins to degrade over time. This process cannot be avoided, at some point water typically finds a way in either during fuel delivery or condensation and that is what starts the bacterial growth. The only defence against the breakdown of diesel fuel over time is regular fuel evaluation and cleaning - often referred to as fuel polishing.  Fuel polishing usually involves fuel sampling, testing, and analysis plus sterilising and cleaning particulates, bacteria, fungi, and rust out with chemicals and filters and sometimes algae based solutions, depending on the product or provider you are using for this type of service.


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