Thursday, 23 April 2015

Prevention is better than cure… even in the case of DG sets

Like in most appliances, expensive or otherwise, it’s always smarter to prevent the machine from getting damaged. Here is a list of few checks that you need to do for your DG sets

1.  Fuel Systems:

Diesel fuel degrades over time and is susceptible to contamination. The fuel, pipes, filters and injection equipment need to checked periodically as this contaminated fuel passes through these parts regularly.

2. Batteries:

Do not neglect to monitor the condition of the battery charger and starter motor. This is usually the most common reason for a generator set to fail.

3. Coolant:

Leaking coolant or a poor coolant mixture can lead to overheating of the system, which would most likely cause a great deal of damage, sometimes leading to changing parts.

4. Filters:

Filters are used to avoid contamination of systems that can lead to failure and reduce performance. Ensure that the filters are cleaned regularly.

5. Contacts:

Switch contacts in the electrical control systems must be regularly checked & cleaned. Poor contacts generate excessive heat and leave carbon deposits that ultimately cause the contacts to fail.

6. Connections:

Technicians performing preventive maintenance should verify that parts like the radiator hoses and other fuel or electrical connections are connected well and are not leaking.

7. Corrosion:

Preventive maintenance schedules call for specific checks for corrosion of wiring, piping, fixtures, ancillaries and other components exposed to the elements.

8. Mechanical:

Any mechanical system is subject to wear & tear. Preventive maintenance technicians check known vulnerable components, such as belts, for tightness or wear & tear. They also verify that all fittings are tightened to the right torque settings.

Please note that this information is only for you to understand the importance of preventive maintenance  and not to take the maintenance job unto your hands.  Technicians who do preventive maintenance must be qualified to make all the electrical and mechanical checks that a maintenance schedule calls for, using the required testing and measuring equipment for each task. Do get in touch with us on and schedule a preventive maintenance test for your generator.

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