Monday, 4 August 2014

Let there be light

Light... the word and the concept both are familiar to us. So much so that we all take it so ‘lightly’ (pun unintended). The powerful version of energy that lights up our lives has relevance in multiple folds for our existence.

Let’s rush back to the school where we were introduced to the concept of photosynthesis. Lights are the dope for chlorophyll to produce oxygen, which inturn is the fuel for rest of the organisms to run. The sun rays bounce off the earth to heat up the atmosphere, so that we and the other living organisms don’t... well freeze to death a.k.a ‘Turning Popsicle’.

Visible light is important to us, because it is intimately involved in the common process of helping us to see things. The red light on the traffic signal, love messages on the mobile device, that pretty girl at the coffee shop, your new dream office and your kids getting married. Light plays a passive but a very important role. 

While the days are filled with natural light from the grand source sun, lot of innovation had led to cheaper and more convenient forms of creating light while the sun sleeps on our side of the world. From carbon button lamps, to the conventional incandescent light bulbs, to portable flashlights to big halogen lamps, the world has been lit by these man-made avatars of the light emitting sun. Recent research and protest by energy conservationists have also led to the invention of CFL bulbs and LED lights, which consume less power but emit enough light.

The latest fad around light is being furthered by the camera junkies. Every person with a smart phone today is a mini photographer with photo sharing social sites being their exhibition halls. Light exposures: over and minimalistic, shadow play and silhouettes shot out of palm sized devices are turning the world into a beautiful story.

What else defines the relevance of light than the fact that your good looking selfie was thanks to... good light play.

Light is a positive word. From functional relevance to relevance in vanity, it is prevalent in all walks of our lives. So much so that the positivity it emits made us use it as an apt adaptation for philanthropy. Lighting up lives.

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