Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Benefits of Diesel Generators.

People have been using generators for ages as they serve as the perfect backup solution in case of power failure. These generators are used for a wide range of applications including telecom sites, hospitals, residential complexes, offices etc.

Generators may run on petrol, diesel, gas (CNG, LPG) or bio-diesel, but diesel generators are still the most preferred choice for off grid power solution in almost all commercial as well as domestic applications today.

To arrest the noise of diesel engines a sound attenuated enclosure, also known as Canopy, is used. Generator with Canopy is also known as silent generator.

Diesel Generators benefit greatly primarily from the source of its fuel i.e. Diesel

·         Diesel is the most abundantly found fuel among all other fuels. Therefore it is the more suited option for factories located in remote areas.

·         Diesel contains more energy than petrol, that is why diesel engines are more fuel efficient than petrol engines. It consumes less fuel and delivers superior performance.

·    Diesel is relatively less expensive as compared to other liquid fuels available in the market and hence is commercially more viable for industries.

·         Diesel fuel is safer than petrol or gas as it is less flammable.

Apart from these diesel generators have several other advantages:
·         Diesel generators can operate perfectly in extreme cold climates with the use of Glow Plugs.

·         Diesel engines are simple in design and built ruggedly. Due to their robust built, diesel engines are extremely stable and can withstand heavy load.  They can be resold at a high market price even after 5 years.

·         Diesel Generators can remain operational for long periods of time and have very low probability of breakdown. To ensure a long-lasting function, the generator should be installed in a proper manner and basic maintenance plan should be adhered to. Diesel engines generally run 10000 hours before it needs any service beyond basic maintenance.

·         Basic maintenance of a diesel engine is less expensive and simple, like changing Oil, Fuel, Air filters and periodic change of Oil and Coolant. On the other hand with Petrol or Gas engine one has to deal with tune ups, carburettor adjustments, distributor burns, spark plugs which requires periodic cleaning and replacement.

·         The glow plugs used in diesel engines have better running life than spark plugs.

·         A diesel engine consumes less lubricating oil compared to other engines, thus saves money.

For any further questions, please visit our YouTube page to explain proper installation and commission of the diesel generator.

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