Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Diwali – Celebrate it safely

Diwali a festival of Light, a day to spent a pleasant time with family & friends. Diwali is a night to overcome from the darkness to live a life of light. People rejoice this festival to share their love & affection with each other.

Diwali, along with all its glitter & sweets, brings some responsibility to our shoulders. We often do not realize the likely hazard, and therefore overlook even the most primary precautions. Caution and proper care can ensure a safe and fun-filled Diwali. So we thought of sharing with you some tips which will help you celebrate a safe & prosperous Diwali:
  • Verify your Fireworks purchase - If you’re buying any firework products, check on their brand name & verify their trade marks. It is always best to purchase products with trade-mark as it guarantees the safety to certain extent. 
  • Take Precaution while bursting crackers - Don’t leave kids alone. Kids often tend to go near the fireworks and hurt themselves. It is advisable to supervise their actions while bursting fire-crackers to avoid mishaps. 
  • Take Care of your clothing - Choose to wear cotton dresses instead of nylon & other materials as they can easily attract fire while bursting crackers. 
  • Burst Fire-crackers only on open ground - Ensure proper distance from the firecrackers. Make sure you burst the crackers away from electric poles & electric boxes to avoid calamities.
Diwali, the festival of lights, brings fun and togetherness. For children, fireworks, new clothes and sweets make this fiesta the most awaited of the year. Awkwardly, damages from fireworks spoil the fun for many families – and though Diwali is a day off for most of us, fire departments and hospitals around the country are on continuous alert to tackle the various accidents that are caused due to fireworks. 

Light up your life with Diwali! And celebrate the triumph of good over evil. Wishing you all a Happy & Safe Diwali!

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