Tuesday, 26 November 2019

SMART CONSUMER - Choosing the right Power cable for your Genset

All of us enjoy electrical appliances, be it domestic or commercial. But we tend to forget that there is an underlying network of cables supporting the entire system. High technology is involved in the making these cables, which makes them withstand tough conditions for years.

We strongly believe that basic knowledge about the cables are a must for them who own a genset. Choosing the manufacturer recommended Power Cable for your genset is important. To save a few bucks we are often tempted to use cheaper options which may lead to many issues like the ones discussed below.

Undersized cable will generate excessive heat which may melt the protective cover of the cable leading to hazards like fire or electric shock.

In case there is a short circuit, an undersized cable will not withstand the fault current. The cable may melt, burn or even cause severe damage to connected equipment even before any tripping mechanism may work.

Powerol recommends the use of 3.5 Core Armoured Power Cable for three phase and 2 Core Armoured Power Cable for single phase gensets.

Let us understand what this actually is:

3.5 Core cables will have 3 stranded wires for R, Y, B Phases, with diameter X and one stranded wire for Neutral with diameter X/2.

A 2 Core cable will have one Phase wire and one Neutral wire of same diameter.

3.5 Core Cable

2 Core Cable

Construction of 3.5 Core and 2 Core Armoured Cable:-

Weather Proof Coating : Withstands every weather condition.
Steel Armour : Provides the mechanical and tensile strength to withstand toughest conditions.
Extra Insulation : Under the steel insulation this extra insulation lies.
Core Insulation : Prevents short circuit. Insulation material should be XLPE if underground cable is used.
Stranded Conductor : These are the current carrying conductors.


Overheating due to usage of undersized cables and loose thumbing causes most of the electrical failures. Choosing the right size and type of Power Cable is a critical technical decision. Consider every possible factors before making a purchase decision.

The size of Power Cables (generally referred in Sq.mm) primarily depends on the Ampere rating of the Genset. Copper is a better conductor compared to Aluminium, they are the best material to be considered. For the same amount current lesser diameter of Copper cable can be used compared to Aluminium cable. Downside of using a Copper Cable is they are heavier and costlier than the Aluminium Cables.

While laying the cable try to keep the bends minimum and avoid sharp bends.

Avoid joints, use a continuous cable. In case a joint is unavoidable the work must be done by a qualified person. Incorrect joint will lead to expensive failure in future.

Use right size of thimbles and proper crimping to make a proper terminal connection.

For proper terminal connection the contact area must be adequate.

Improper termination will lead to local heat generation. Which will lead to failure.

Avoid Point connection arising out of improper position. Gaps between leads and terminals, in such cases the Nuts or Bolts will carry the load current. Normally they are made of Mild Steel and are not designed to carry high current.

Do consult an authorized person before purchasing the Power Cable. Powerol has a highly competent team of genset installation specialist. You may contact them for any guidance.

There are large variety of Power Cable types to suit different kind of operation. Including all of them in this blog will make it little overwhelming for the reader. If you are interested to know more about Power Cables, do let us know in the comments section, we will be happy to help you.

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Thursday, 7 November 2019

Gas Generator – Entering the greener future.

Diesel Generators have been the unchallenged king in the field of backup power generation since ages. Modern day diesel generators are technologically very advanced and meets every stringent emission norm enforced by the Government. While the Government is still pushing the limit for the quality of emission, the Diesel Generator manufacturers are working continuously to make a more fuel efficient and environment friendly products.

While the technology for Diesel Generators was progressing, Natural Gas technology also came a long way and made significant inroads in the market. Modern Gas Generators are very silent, ensures very low operating cost and most importantly the emission from a Gas Generator contains ZERO Particulate Matter.

The emission from Automobiles and Generators significantly contributes in the production of harmful Green House Gases (GHG). The CO2 and N2O gases hold back the heat which tries to go back to space from the surface of the earth, this makes the atmosphere warmer. The carbon particles (commonly described as Particulate Matter or PM) present in the emission absorbs a huge amount of heat and makes the atmosphere warmer. This is one of the major causes of global warming which is causing havoc worldwide.

(Source: Center for Climate and Energy Solutions)

These emissions make the air extremely harmful for our health. Quality of air in all major cities in India are worsening steadily. Air Quality Index (AQI) is a scientific method of measuring the air quality and currently Delhi is topping the chart in India for having the worst quality of air, indicated by a higher AQI number. Delhi is having the highest Particulate Matter pollution in India and currently the city with 6th worst air quality in the world, if the entire NCR is added then it is the 2nd worst city in the world.

The Particulate Matter present in the emission gases are often denoted by PM2.5 and PM10. The PM2.5 refers to the particulate matter with a diameter less than 2.5 micrometres. These fine particles are dangerous for our health. Due to their small size they can directly enter our lungs. They can disturb our entire Respiratory System and Cardiovascular system. 

Air pollution is a global concern. There can’t be any excuse for inaction. Our sincere commitment towards a greener future is articulated by the launch of India’s first CPCB 2 approved Natural Gas Genset. It offers ZERO PARTICULATE MATTER EMISSION which makes it an environment friendly Generator.

Powerol is closely working with natural gas suppliers to provide gas pipe lines at your premises. Piped Natural Gas supply will eliminate the need of periodic refuelling and will ensure good quality of fuel.

We human beings have destroyed enough of this earth in the name of development. The use of fossil fuel which gave us the power and mobility, literally transformed our lives, but we did not use it responsibly. Our own invention for human wellbeing is turning against us.

It is high time for us to act responsibly. The choices we make today will decide whether we are heading for a greener future or a disaster.

Thankfully today we have green technologies and innovations at our disposal which promises to protect the environment.

Powerol is dedicatedly working on green technologies like Natural Gas Generators, waste energy management, Battery for Telecom Sites, Solar Power for Telecom sites, and so on.

You can be a part of our green journey either by owning a green technology product or by spreading the awareness. We are all ears to hear from you. If you have any questions or need any guidance, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you. 

Friday, 11 October 2019



Calculating the power requirement and then determining the suitable rating of generator you need is called as Generator Sizing. This is the most important factor to consider before you decide to buy a generator.

The determining factor for generator sizing can be answered by considering the followings:
§  In the event of a power outage, should the generator run the entire building or just emergency loads? 
§  What will be the peak demands during summer months?
§  If you have Motors, Compressors etc, what will be your starting load?

After you have considered the above, you need to identify your electrical equipment (electrical load) and sum up their power requirements. This process is also called as Load Calculation. There are many free ‘Load Calculators’ available on the internet. You may take help from a certified electrician. If you are not sure, take help from our sales representatives, they will be happy to help – it is FREE for you!!


The genset should be located where it is accessible for maintenance and repair, and high enough to keep the generator safe if there is water logging during monsoon. There should be enough air flow to let the generator breath properly.

Factors like minimum distance from residential buildings, silence zone near hospitals, fire hazards etc. should be considered. Compliance with local guidelines is a must.


The most common fuel types for generators in India are Natural Gas and Diesel. Cost can be a factor when choosing between a diesel or natural gas generator. 

In case of natural gas, the availability of the fuel source is important. 
Local government regulations may dictate which fuel types are available to your area.


Only a competent, experienced and certified authority should do the installation.You may choose the right agency through your trusted referrals.

We have trained technicians to do this job. You may contact our representatives for more information, they will be happy to help you.


Before the generator arrives at your premises, a cement concrete foundation of adequate size should be made ready. An inadequate foundation may lead to excessive vibration resulting in poor performance of your generator.

Only a competent and experienced authority should make the foundation for your generator.You can consult our representatives for any support and guidance, they will be happy to help you.


Most generator manufacturer’s make generators with a standard sound attenuated enclosure (which reduces the sound level). The sound level will be around 74 db (to meet standard CPCB compliance).
Some area may have a regulation of minimum allowed decibel level. For example, places near hospitals, VIP zones, silent zone, airports etc. The target sound level will determine what type of generator enclosure you need to consider.
We also offer Super Silent (54 db) variants of generators to suite your needs.


A Diesel Generator or a Gas Generator needs maintenance. Unlike a car, generators are often neglected. To ensure that the generator runs during a power failure when you need it the most, proper maintenance routine should be followed. 

Every genset manufacturer will recommend a maintenance schedule and it must be done.
Most of the modern generators are electronically controlled. Maintenance is not restricted to only Oil, Coolant and Filter change. A maintenance DIY for these generators is not a good idea.
It is best to have a maintenance contract with the manufacturer.


Do you need a Transfer Switch?

If you want to power just one AC and few lights you may use a power cord connecting the generator and the appliances. For small generators powering small loads this is a common scenario, you do not need a Transfer Switch in such cases. 

When you have larger loads and your loads are connected to an existing power panel then you will need a Transfer Switch. The Transfer switch is the link between the power panel and the generator.

Will you use the generator only for emergency loads or for every load you have. This will determine the ampere rating and design of the Transfer Switch. You can choose a manual Transfer Switch or an Automatic Transfer Switch (costs more).


You may need some special features which does not come as a standard fitment with the generators.We offer Remote Monitoring System and Battery Charger as optional fitment.To run the generators in extreme cold weather you may need a Cold Starting arrangement.

We also provide fully customized solutions. For details, please get in touch with our representatives, they will be happy to help you.

NOTE: Powerol generator do not need additional cold starting kit. Our generators are engineered to run for every weather condition within India.


The standard warranty for generator systems typically ranges from two to five years.
It’s a good idea to understand the warranty duration and coverage of your generator and ask for upgrade costs if you prefer an increased coverage.

We offer special maintenance packages to suit your needs.To know more about our products visit us at www.mahindrapowerol.com or call us at 1800-419-1999 

Friday, 27 September 2019

SMART CONSUMER - Understanding The Earth, Neutral and Phase Points

When you call an electrician what does he check? How does he identify faults in your electricity supply lines? Do you have clear understanding of the Phase, Neutral and Earth points in the sockets of your house?

Well, we are not trying to teach you Electrical Engineering. As a consumer, it is smart to be aware of the electricity distribution from Power Plant to your house. It is also important to understand the Phase – Neutral – Earth points and what is their importance. 

Let us first understand the basic of domestic electricity supply chain.

Domestic electricity supply can be broadly divided into three categories:

       1. Generation
       2. Transmission
       3. Distribution

GENERATION: Generation happens in big power plants (Thermal, Hydro, Nuclear, Solar, Wind etc)

TRANSMISSION: Generated power is stepped up for ease of transmission. Power is transmitted via DELTA connection, (a Delta connections needs only 3 wires R-Y-B).

DISTRIBUTION: From the transmission lines the power is stepped down through local transformers and from the local transformer connection is distributed to individual houses. 

From the local transformers power is distributed to different houses as STAR connection which is having 4 wires. Three Phase wires and one Neutral wire. The Neutral point in the transformer is connected to the ground.

For domestic connections, the Neutral point is common, and any one phase (R, Y or B) is given as line to individual houses.

Understanding the Socket

According to electricity rules, the left point will be Neutral (N) and the right point will be Phase (P). The Earthing (E) point will be at the top. The earthing is used for safety purpose.

Point P should always have power, this can be checked by a Tester. The N point has no power in it, it cannot be checked with a Tester. To check the N point, a test lamp should be used.

What is the difference between Earth and Neutral?

Neutral is connected to the Neutral point of your local distribution transformer.
The Earth point is unique, made for your house only.

Why Earthing is important?

If earthing is not done, there will be chances of electrical shock in case there is some fault in the circuit.

No risk of electric shock if Earthing is done even if there is a fault in the circuit.

Mahindra Powerol deals in robust and fuel-efficient diesel and gas gensets ranging from 5kVA to 625 kVA. To know more about our products visit us at www.mahindrapowerol.com  or call us at 1800-419-1999

Monday, 16 September 2019

Reasons You Need a Backup Diesel Generator

Energy infrastructures across the world are under stress and this could lead to a sudden and unexpected power outage. While scheduled load shedding can be prepared for, the unexpected outages can delay production and even lead to massive losses. 

Here are some reasons your business will need a backup generator

           A) Secure information and data: -
               Consistent power supply is mandatory if you need sensitive data. Since diesel generators typically switch on within ten seconds of a power outage, a backup generator can save millions of man hours and money. 

      B)  Consistent power for productivity: -
                  In today’s scenario, no business can survive without power. Even an outage for a couple of hours can have devastating consequences. A back-up genset ensures that your operations are not disrupted in the case of power failures. 

          C) Damage to equipment: -
         Power interruptions can damage expensive equipment. A back-up system protects your assets and will save you replacement and maintenance costs in the long run. 

          D)  Easy to operate: -
                     Diesel gensets are comparatively easy to operate and trained personnel can keep them effective and productive. 

           E)  Natural Disasters: -
                 In case of a natural disaster, power supply is first affected. A backup generator will keep your unit running till regular power supply is restored. 

          F) Load Shedding: -
                   In certain areas, regular power cuts make it difficult for businesses to function efficiently. A diesel genset will ensure supply during hours of outage. 

          G) Availability of diesel: -
             Since diesel is not very expensive and easily available, diesel gensets are usually the best bet as backup power systems. 

   Mahindra Powerol deals in robust and fuel-efficient diesel and gas gensets ranging from 5kVA to 625 kVA. To know more about our products visit us at www.mahindrapowerol.com or call us at 1800-419-1999