Thursday, 27 February 2020

ePowerol: The Intelligent Digital Platform for Customers

Digitization has invaded our daily lives like never before. Be it grocery shopping, ticket booking, banking, booking doctor’s appointment the list is endless. Almost every task of our daily lives is aided by digital technology. Customers are managing their tasks online. They expect the same flexibility from every company they interact with.

Powerol has always been a front runner when it is about adopting new technologies and innovation. You may follow our blog Powerol & Technology.

If you are a proud owner of a Mahindra Powerol Generator you can now access all the product information free of cost from your Desktop or Mobile.

Introducing our digital platform, the ePowerol portal.

ePowerol is designed to support the maintenance and repair process of your Generator with much more convenience and transparency. This is another big leap towards providing maximum PEACE OF MIND to our customers.

All you need to do is, validate the Generator / Engine by submitting the engine serial number in the portal and a plethora of personalized functions open up for you:

Follow the link to access ePowerol:

By assigning the engine serial number in ePowerol, you are directly connected to an intelligent monitoring system provided by the manufacturer. ePowerol allows you to raise Service Call and monitor every stage of call closing from anywhere. It allows you to choose your own convenient time to get the services done. You can see the complete service history of your Generator in its chronological order. The announcement board keeps you updated about our upcoming products and service offerings.

Features of the ePowerol in a nutshell:

§  Book a service call
§  Call management
o    Status
o    Time to reach
o    eFSR
o    Feedback
o    Service history
§  Announcement board - products/offerings
§  Literature
§  Enquire/Refer for DG/AMC
§  Dashboards
§  Geographic location of sites on map

The world is becoming more and more digitized and customer expectation of online services continues to grow. As a truly customer centric organisation, we at Mahindra Powerol are keenly listening to our customers and always focused to provide the best customer experience.

To know more about our products visit us at  or call us at 1800-419-1999  

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