Thursday, 16 June 2016

Solving Disputes Related to Maintenance

One of the biggest issues faced by diesel generator owners today is the post purchase maintenance and servicing of the machine. The customer is often bothered by numerous financial disputes such as; Performance of their dg sets, service support for dg sets being delivered on time and availability of inexpensive spare parts.

What the Customer Wants

Undeniably, what every customer wants is an efficient product. In a Diesel Generator, the desired features would be an infallible back-up power system, timely repairs, no uncertain breakdowns and a low cost of ownership.  Despite the customer being offered a 2-year (6000 hour) standard warranty with 4 labor-free services by the manufacturer and the estimated cost of maintaining a diesel generator works out to be Rs. 96-130 a day, there is an immense amount of uncertainty after the warranty period has ended.

Introducing Our Super Shield Plan

The solution to most of these problems is Mahindra Powerol’s 5 year Super Shield plan! This all-inclusive plan covers all charges regarding spares, consumables, repair and labour, with periodic maintenance and a power back-up in case the DG set isn’t repaired within 48 hours.  These advantages reach an unbeatable cost which works out to be less than Rs. 70 per day!

With nearly all conditions covered, the Super Shield Plan is a comprehensive plan resistant to price inflation. All you have to do is pay for diesel while Mahindra Powerol takes care of the rest.

Overall, we at Mahindra Powerol ensure that our service reaches the customers as soon as possible. With our wide-spread service network branching to over 150 service dealers and over 1000 trained technicians, we feel that it is paramount for our customers to be satisfied with our products and we will strive to rectify any issues that may arise.

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