Monday, 21 September 2015

Synchronising Panels: Adding seamless symphony to Power

Synchronising Panels are used to ensure seamless flow of power through the DG sets when the main source of power falters.

The act is critical as it prevents any chance of an interim shut down of a critical device during power failure. A power fluctuation can result in the device restarting or even turning faulty.

A modern synchronizer compares the frequency and phase of the two voltages, and sends a correction signal to the summing point of the governor controlling the prime mover of the oncoming generator. When the outputs of the two systems are matched in frequency and phase, the synchronizer issues a breaker-closing signal to the tie-breaker, paralleling the two systems.

These synchronizers may include voltage-matching circuits which send raise and lower signals to the voltage regulator of the oncoming generator. If the voltage of the oncoming generator does not match the bus within set limits, the synchronizer will not allow a circuit breaker closure.

The synchronising panels can perform the following tasks depending on the requirement:-

  • Synchronous operation of multiple generator sets with each other.
  •  Synchronous operation of a single generator set with network
  •  Synchronous operation of multiple generator sets with network
  •  Synchronous operation of multiple generator sets with multiple networks
In order for the diesel generator sets to be synchronized, enabling them to run parallel, certain conditions need to be met. They need to have the same voltage, phase rotation, frequency & angular phase relationship. They need to share the load with respect to their ratings.

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