Monday, 29 December 2014

Setting the mood ‘Light’

Out of the 5 senses that man boasts about, the sense of sight is probably the most cherished. And ‘Light’ is the essence of this sense.

This blog is about setting your mood right with light... They say the right type of lighting can create an ambiance, soothe or warm up the mood and most importantly, define spaces. And the wrong type of course can make you sleepy and irritable.

Here are a few things to look at when you are lighting your space up...

General or ambient 
The general light is your ‘one click... whole house goes boom’ light. They usually come from one central source, like a ceiling fixture. You could play with these by adding multiple sources covered by a loop. A combination of switch-ons from the ceiling will leave certain parts of the house lit and some dark, creating an interesting ambience. You could also add dimmers to these lights and play.
Dim down the light and cozy up with your special someone and watch a movie. Bright up one side of the room putting spot light on the singer on the karaoke night.

Task Light
Are you the ones who works from home... too? Then task lights are something you should know about. These illuminate work spaces and the balance between light sources is critical. The task light should ideally be complemented by a house light or an ambient light so that moving your eyes from light to darkness won’t lead to eyestrain.  
White lights help in reading better and increases the time spent at work.

Add some drama into your room with some accent lighting. This type of lighting is excellent for highlighting focal points or your favorite items in the room. Be careful not to over light or under light. After choosing the spot and angle of lighting, ensure that you add to your effort by choosing the right bulb.
Add accent lighting to the back of a big statue and feel the halo. Focus that light from the bottom on your center table and feel the divine glow from a non-existent globe.

Light truly is an element that plays such a crucial role in our lives. Even setting the right mood. But there is more, much more to light than this. In the very function of survival (thanks to photosynthesis and all that you learnt as a kid), light plays an important role. Power is the epicenter of development and progress, from allowing kids to read in the night to machinery functioning for adequate production.

We at Mahindra group, the tractor & multi-utility vehicles major in India, realized this and forayed into Power Generation in 2002. Our generators are designed to provide Fuel Efficiency, Better load acceptance, Minimal vibration, Low noise levels, and Low maintenance costs. Our commitment to quality has won us the prestigious Frost & Sullivan “Voice of Customer” award for the most preferred Genset Brand in the telecom segment and in the Customer Enhancement category. Mahindra Powerol was also recognized as Power Brand 2011 & Master Brand 2012.

Have you experimented with light & interiors lately? Share with us in the comments section below. 

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