Monday, 29 December 2014

Light it up this New Year’s Eve

When the clock strikes 12 this 31st of December, you don’t want to be stuck in a gloomy, dimly lit place. You need to be under a clear sky... lit by a million lights. Here’s our list of top 5 places in the world where you should be this New Year’s Eve.

1.       London, UK
       When we are talking time and we are talking London. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the BIG BEN. Around 2.5 million people will gather around the huge monster of a clock and wait for the bell tower to ring. As the clock strikes 12, an 8 minute firework will light up the skies of London. Greet your fellow 2.5 million with a clipped accent & say ‘Happy New Year’

2.       Dubai, UAE
Last year the Guinness Book of World Records saw a new entrant. Designed by an American pyrotechnic Phil Grucci, this six minute fire & light show was planned over 10 months. The 160 storey Burj Khalifa lit up, delighting everyone last year and we are sure it will be equally exciting this year. A “Kul am wa antum bi khayi” won’t hurt... that’s Happy new year.

3.       Hong Kong, China
The Symphony of Lights- already offers visitors and locals a fantastic display of lights all year long. Come New Year and you get to see that and much more. What’s interesting is that the Pearl of the Orient has only started celebrating New Years in the last 6 years and has already managed to be the hottest destination to be. Fireworks were invented in China in the 7th century, so they are the masters really. Drop in a “Gong Hey Fat Choy” with humility and you know you just wished a Chinese a Happy New Year.

4.       Rome, Italy
Like music and dance? Then this is your destination. The legendary street parties are filled with complimentary street sips, strangers greeting each other better than friends do, and dancing under the light of flashing fireworks. Don’t forget to wear a red underwear on New Year’s Eve, it’s the emblem of New Year luck in Italy. And yeah... it’s Buon Anno.

5.       Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

When we draw up a list of best party places, how can one leave the Samba-people out? 2 million people wait for you at the Copacabana beach, which fills up with bassy dance music, beer bunks, and a horizon lit up with fireworks. New Year fashion is important here, wear the symbolic whites (peace), green (health), purple (inspiration), yellow (prosperity) or Red (romance). Feliz ano novo is the word.

And if you are home bound, don’t forget to draw up your own little Rio De Janeiro in your house. Light the place up and make it bright. And don’t let a power cut kill the joy. Ensure that inverter's & generator's in your house keep the lights ON all through and keep the night bright.

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