Friday, 5 September 2014

The lights are fancy... and so are you...

Fancy lights attract everyone. Long gone are those days where a flat white or yellow light filled up our rooms. People are getting adventurous. From different colors, to types to environment, they are using light in all different forms. Here are a few very interesting ways in which you could decorate using lights. 
Note: please be careful where you put them, keep them away from kids, ensure live wires and not open.

1. Take a huge oversized mirror and sprinkle it with basic white light and you would feel like a celeb in their vanity van (Image: Design*Sponge)

2. Take some strands of different color lights and put them in an empty jam or glass pickle jar... You would be amazed at how that boring jar converts into something special (Photo: Chiot’s Run)

3. If you have a garden and the garden has some trees, then wrap the trunk with lights and switch it on in the night... Grab a chair and sit under that tree and you would reach your favourite holiday destination.

4. Create this for your kids if they love fairy tales. Paint a tree on their wall and stick string lights with transparent adhesives. Light it in the night for them to create a story of their own. (

5. Empty wine bottles are useful too. Take them, strap with ribbon and stuff led lights right in... and there you have your new night lamp. (Image Courtesy: Flor)

So if you have more such ideas about decorating your house with lights, leave it here in the comments section. 


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