Monday, 29 September 2014

Lights that you would ‘DIY’ for

DIY or ‘Do it yourself’ (People on Pinterest will kill us for attempting to explain it) is in. You don’t really have to be an environmentalist to attempt to reuse or repurpose an old item. Look around and see so many things that we don’t really use, which usually ends up in the garbage bin or with a rag-picker. We thought of curating 5 such ideas of converting your old, unused items into works of art... or as we call it, work of light.

Here you go.

1. Kettle in the morning...lamp at night
Not literally, you don’t want to be ‘smelling the coffee’ all night long. Yes, that’s an improperly fitting adage, but a proper night lamp sprouting out of the tea-pot that kept you awake as a kid, shall now help swag up you house.

2. Egg-beater-candle-holder-style-adder

Did you ever imagine that an egg beater can beat the hell out of your regular looking candle holders? Turn your old egg beaters upside down (or hold it straight, damn confusing this is...) and you have a garden or ally full of great candle holders.

3. Fruity-Light
Turn your fruit basket round for some ether-eal lighting in your kitchen or porch.

4. Bucket-Light
Remember the Steel/Aluminium buckets you used as a kid in your house. I am sure they have been replaced by unattractive plastic buckets, or maybe the elaborate bath tub. Pick them up, turn them over and give your room lights a gothic look.

5. Bird cage lamp
So your favourite parakeet flew away when you left the cage door open. And you are in no mood to have one more. So the good news is that the parakeet flew away, it’s not really a place for a bird. (Sorry if we are being insensitive, we are just being sensitive towards the bird). Wash the birdcage (please, you don’t want to feel like you are sleeping in a poultry), and add a stand and makes an awesome side table lamp. 

Hope you try these at home. Send us a picture or you may also give us other DIY light ideas. Leave your comments in the comments section below.

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