Monday, 24 February 2014

Mahindra Powerol recognized for the 'Best Innovation or Technology of the Year' award at MEE Dubai

Feb ‘14: On 11th February 2014, Mahindra Powerol was honoured at the globally recognized Middle East Electricity Awards for the Best Innovation or Technology of the Year category.

Powerol’s newly implemented Electronic Fuel Saving System (EFSS) in its diesel generators was considered amongst the top positions for the ‘Best Innovation or Technology of the Year’ category for the 2014 Middle East Electricity Awards. The awards this year had received a high number of entries, all of a very high standard from various countries around the world.

The implementation of the EFSS will help to reduce the consumption of diesel by 18% thus substantially reducing the overall carbon footprint while operating a diesel generator. It will also lower the operational expenses of the telecom towers.

This award recognises the introduction of new technology, including: renewable energy, back-up power, energy storage devices, advanced propulsion systems and/or electric/hybrid transport. The innovation/technology should fill a gap or drastically improve existing methods in the market. The nominations were assessed on the R&D, ingenuity and commercialisation of the new technology. Powerol’s EFSS has been recognized for its potential to become a future game changer in the Powergen industry.

The award was announced at a prestigious Awards Gala Dinner on Tuesday 11th February 2014 at the Dubai International Exhibition Center. On behalf of Mahindra Powerol this honour was received by Mr. Sandeep Daniel, Department Head – International Business, Mr. Mukesh Bansal, General Manager, PSM, Mr. Joy Ghosh, Sr. Brand Manager and Mr. Krunal Shelke, Country Manager- Middle East.

This recognition serves a great motivation for Mahindra Powerol to keep pushing the limits and constantly innovate to retain its standing as one of the most innovative and technologically advanced providers of power generating solutions.

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