Monday, 27 January 2014

Mahindra Powerol launches the New Range of Colourful Leaf Diesel Generators

Applying alternative thinking to all aspects of its business operations, Mahindra Powerol broke the conventional box- shaped generator design to launch the first-of-its-kind and strikingly colourful leaf shaped diesel generators. These DG sets is available in five colour and graphic variants – Green, Blue, Yellow, Red and Grey.
At a press conference in Chennai, the new range was launched by Mr. Palaniappan, Sr. Vice President and Business Head – Powerol Business on the 23rd January ‘14.

The new leaf diesel generator has unique features like patented Leaf Shaped canopy design, visually impactful colors and graphic options, glossy finish powder coating, leaf shaped suction louvers. Apart from the design improvement, this diesel generator was also manufactured with a reduction in the total footprint (up to 0.4M³) and a reduction in the noise levels up to 2.5dBA.

The inception of this concept originated from the fact that due to poor aesthetics, customers generally placed the diesel generators in locations hidden from the public eye. Now, customers can proudly showcase their diesel generator in front of their homes and other outlets in the colour of their choice. Mahindra Powerol’s new leaf diesel generator will aim to lead the way in the power back up industry in which customers will consider at the aesthetic value of the diesel generator prior to its purchase.
The successful implementation of the Rise philosophy has opened up several roads for the Mahindra Powerol business. Powerol will continue to invoke the Rise pillars to search for and create new markets. 

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