Friday, 24 January 2014


Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., also known to be the kingpin in the tractor and utility vehicle industry, entered the field of Power Generation in 2001, since then, the business has grown exponentially to become a Rs. 1000 crore business. Today, engines from Mahindra Powerol are powering Diesel Generating sets from 5kVA to 500 kVA.

We are now set to launch a diesel generator in 5 colours. These generators are essentially known to be low involvement products, which are leaf shaped in design and the first-of-its-kind in the market.

Today’s market scenario pushes businesses to constantly improve their product lines to cater to the needs of the evolving customers. The consumers are given a chance to choose products based on their personalities and preferences; an essential looked into by us. Keeping this in mind, we launched the new look diesel generators available in 5 vibrant colors i.e. red, green, grey, blue & yellow. These are available in 7.5 10 & 15 KVA

The concept of a new design came around by recognising the changing needs of the customer. Studies revealed that due to poor aesthetics, customers generally placed their diesel generators hidden from public view. It was then learnt that a diesel generator which would enhance the beauty of the site would far greatly appeal to the customer.

The initial designs were a result from a contest organised by us in the prestigious design institute NID, Ahmedabad. The in-house team enhanced the winning design before it was sent for volume production.

The new diesel generator has the following unique features and advantages over the competition:
·        Change from Box type shape design to a patented leaf shaped enclosure
·        Aesthetically and visually impactful
·        Leaf shape suction louvers
·        Reduction in the total footprint (up to 0.4M³)
·        Reduction in the noise levels up to 2.5dBA.

Mahindra Powerol has created innovation in the form of a new leaf diesel generator in the power back up industry. This innovation will be a turning point for Powerol in the future.

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