Thursday, 29 October 2020

Common reasons a Generator might fail and how to fix it.

 Every backup generator needs some degree of preventive maintenance. If proper care is not taken, there may be several reasons that it may perform optimally. The most common issues are listed below.


      Sometimes due to negligence, the Auto Start switch may be in OFF position, in that case, the generator will not start automatically if a power outage happens. It is important for you to understand the basic features of the control panel of your generator. You should also be aware of the 'alarms' which trips the generator.  


      Battery failure is the single most common reason of generator fails. It is better to replace the battery every three years. To keep the battery in good shape following the recommendations given below will help. 

  • Strictly follow the battery maintenance routine prescribed by the manufacturer.
  • Petroleum jelly should be applied on the terminal / cable clamp. Never use grease.
  • The electrolyte level should be maintained between the Min & Max lines.
  • Topping up should be done with distilled water only.
  • Keep the vent holes clean.
  • Never install a lower capacity battery than recommended.
  • Do not disconnect the battery when the generator is running.


       All generators have built-in alarms to mark low-fuel levels. Add fuel to the fuel tank if there is a low fuel alarm. Running the generator with low fuel can be very harmful in the long run. There is a chance of air entry in the fuel lines if the generator is continuously run on low fuel. The entrapped air in the fuel lines will cause many complications. 


      If you notice any leakage in the generator, it is better to call an authorized technician. Sometimes a leakage like appearance can be noticed if the generator is not in use for a long time. This happens due to wet stacking. This happens when carbon, unburnt fuel, lubricating oil and moisture is accumulated. When this happens, run the generator for a few hours and the wet stacking will simply burn off.   

If the information given above is not enough to fix your problem, then you must contact the manufacturer of the authorized service dealer.

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