Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Gas Gensets in New Delhi And Noida. The need of the hour.

New Delhi’s pollution levels are making headlines across the world. Social media is overflowing with posts, sales of masks and air purifiers have multiplied and the need to reduce pollution levels has never been so demanding. 

The alarming levels have led the authorities to ban diesel gensets and while the move is well intentioned, there are practical difficulties in enforcing it. Many individuals,institutions and even state governments are complaining that they cannot follow the ban. 

In these times, it makes business, practical and environmental sense to start thinking about installing gas gensets in New Delhi and Noida that offer a whole lot of monetary and green benefits. 
Natural gas is one of the least expensive fuels - only coal is cheaper. However, coal is a major pollutant. 

Let’s look at some of the advantages of using gas gensets in New Delhi, Noida and other places: 

1.    The most obvious benefits are that gas gensets are cleaner, cheaper and more efficient. 
2.    Natural gas is one of the cleanest fossil fuels as the emissions of sulphur, nitrogen and carbon dioxide - a greenhouse gas - are much lower. 
3.    Since electricity is an expensive source of energy, gas generators are much more practical when it comes to heating homes. 
4.    As gas is available through pipelines in many areas, there is no need to store it. This makes gas gensets easy to install and use. 
5.    Natural gas does not produce ash and any leakage can be detected instantly. Also, natural gas is not harmful when inhaled in small amounts. 
6.    Sometimes gensets need to be kept in confined spaces and gas gensets are ideal for installation in such places. 
7.    Unlike diesel gensets, gas gensets do not release any pungent odour. 

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