Monday, 16 September 2019

Reasons You Need a Backup Diesel Generator

Energy infrastructures across the world are under stress and this could lead to a sudden and unexpected power outage. While scheduled load shedding can be prepared for, the unexpected outages can delay production and even lead to massive losses. 

Here are some reasons your business will need a backup generator

           A) Secure information and data: -
               Consistent power supply is mandatory if you need sensitive data. Since diesel generators typically switch on within ten seconds of a power outage, a backup generator can save millions of man hours and money. 

      B)  Consistent power for productivity: -
                  In today’s scenario, no business can survive without power. Even an outage for a couple of hours can have devastating consequences. A back-up genset ensures that your operations are not disrupted in the case of power failures. 

          C) Damage to equipment: -
         Power interruptions can damage expensive equipment. A back-up system protects your assets and will save you replacement and maintenance costs in the long run. 

          D)  Easy to operate: -
                     Diesel gensets are comparatively easy to operate and trained personnel can keep them effective and productive. 

           E)  Natural Disasters: -
                 In case of a natural disaster, power supply is first affected. A backup generator will keep your unit running till regular power supply is restored. 

          F) Load Shedding: -
                   In certain areas, regular power cuts make it difficult for businesses to function efficiently. A diesel genset will ensure supply during hours of outage. 

          G) Availability of diesel: -
             Since diesel is not very expensive and easily available, diesel gensets are usually the best bet as backup power systems. 

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