Thursday, 18 July 2019

Installing a Diesel Generator’s Exhaust Pipe

The purpose of the diesel generator set exhaust system is to release harmful smoke to a certain height outdoors and reduce noise. 

   A) Precautions: -

        I.            All indoor generator sets should use a non-leakage exhaust pipe and the installation should comply with relevant regulations. Most importantly, the pipe should not be in contact with flammable materials and should not become a public hazard.  

     II.            The most important factor that should be considered is that the back pressure should not exceed the allowable range, because excessive back pressure will greatly reduce the efficiency of the engine, durability, and greatly increase fuel consumption. To reduce the back pressure, the exhaust pipe should be as short as possible. 

B) Other Points to be looked at

  •  Unwelded flat steel material or in some cases asbestos cement is used to manufacture exhaust pipes. 
  •  The exhaust pipe should discharge gas to a safe area and there should be a protective cap at the end of the pipe to prevent entry of rainwater. 
  •   If the exhaust pipe, passes through a wall, it should be thermally insulated to prevent heat escaping into the wall.
  •    When the pipe is connected to the generator, it should be sealed to prevent leakage. It will be a good practice to place a condenser with a socket at the bottom of the pipe. 
  •              To avoid damage to other components, the connection between the exhaust outlet and the pipeline should use elastic hoses. 
  •     If there is a need for a longer exhaust pipe, an expansion joint of an elastic sealing element should be installed.
  • Always use smooth bends and keep number of bends minimum.

  •  Calculate the total equivalent length of the exhaust piping and accordingly increase the diameter of the pipe. (From 5 to 15 meters, increase inner diameter by 20%. From 15 to 25 meters, increase inner diameter by 40%).
  • It is recommended that the exhaust pipe should be installed away from the air filter of the diesel generator engine to prevent the machine from absorbing hot air. 
  •  When using multiple diesel generator sets, it is not advisable to install all the exhaust pipes on the same pipe - when some gensets are running and others are shut down, the exhaust gas will enter the unused units, damaging the units. 
  •  The noise generated by the machine can be lowered by reducing the distance of the exhaust pipe connected to the engine.

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