Monday, 13 May 2019

Tips for Generator Maintenance

Mahindra Powerol gensets are engineered to require as little maintenance as possible. Below are some regular steps that will help improve your gensets’ life and efficiency. 

1. Routine General Inspection :-

When the diesel genset is being operated, several systems need to be closely monitored for leaks. These include exhaust, fuel and DC electrical systems. Since the diesel genset is similar to an internal combustion engine, it is important to check it periodically and ensure that oil is changed after every 100 hours of operation.

2. Lubrication Service :-  

It is essential to check the level of the engine oil. You may let the oil in the upper parts of the engine drain back into the crankcase. It is advisable to keep the oil as close to the full level as possible and follow Mahindra Powerol’s recommendations for API oil classification and viscosity. You should also use the same brand of oil as far as possible. 

Mahindra Powerol has a set of procedures for draining and disposing of the oil in an environment friendly way. 

3. Cooling System :- 

During regular shutdowns, make it a point to check the coolant level. (Remove the radiator cap only after allowing the engine to cool.) The coolant can be a mixture of water, antifreeze and coolant additives. The exterior should be examined for obstructions and all foreign material should be removed with a soft brush. You can also use low-pressure compressed air or a stream of water. 

4. Fuel System :- 

Since diesel is subject to contamination, it is not advisable to use diesel that has been stored for a long time. Water vapour accumulates and condenses in the fuel tank, hence fuel filters should be cleaned at regular intervals. Preventive maintenance should also be undertaken in the form of general inspections and checking of coolant level, oil, fuel and starting systems. 

5. Testing Batteries :- 

One of the most common reasons gensets fail are undercharged batteries, so make sure batteries are charged. It is also advisable to keep batteries clean by wiping them with a damp cloth. 

A battery hydrometer can be used to check the specific gravity of the electrolyte in each battery cell.  A fully charged battery will have a specific gravity of 1.260 and the battery should be charged if the specific gravity reading is below 1.215.

The level of electrolyte should be verified after every 200 hours of operation. If the level is low, distilled water should be filled to the bottom of the filler neck. 

6. Keep your Generator Clean :- 

It is highly recommended to check your genset periodically and ensure it is kept clean. Hoses and belts are subject to wear and tear - they should also be inspected thoroughly. Sometimes wasps can rest inside, regular checks will take care of such pests. 

Mahindra Powerol offers 25 kVA & 125 kVA Gas gensets, apart from diesel generators ranging from 5 kVA to 625 kVA. To know more about genset maintenance visit us at or call us at 1-800-419-1999

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