Monday, 2 January 2017

Importance of Diesel Generators in Small Scale Industries !!!!

Owing to establishment of new industries, infrastructure development, and evolving business environment, continuous power has become one of the main challenges today.
There is widespread lack of grid connectivity and infrastructure growth in far-flung areas, growing electricity demand-supply gap, strong commercial growth along with power deficits in various parts of the country. Also, the number of telecom towers has risen tremendously. Due to all these reasons, DG sets have gained prominence in the small scale industries segment in India.

Points to consider:

Uninterrupted power supply

The main problem for small scale industries in the country is that in spite of their best efforts, power disturbances do arise. While some issues may be the outcome of problems within the industry, most are due to events that are outside and thus are beyond the control of the facility manager. Faulty distribution system, voltage sags, voltage spikes, blackouts and brownouts in the utility can all cause interruption in service.
A dg set can be of much help in such scenarios.

Small scale industries worst hit by erratic power supply

The power situation in the country has left various industries immobilized. In Bengaluru, scheduled power cuts for housing consumers has been started. At the same time, commercial and industrial consumers are bearing the brunt of unreliable power supply.
Micro and small industries are majorly affected. Processing industries like plastic, foundry and rubber, are the worst hit. When plastic is molded, it has to be melted. When power supply goes off, it turns hard again and the whole procedure has to take place one more time. Textile industry has also been overtly affected, as is the case with other continuous processing industries.

Regions with most demand for DG sets

High power deficits as well as rapid development and industrialization in southern part of the country like Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad has meant that they have the highest demand for diesel generators. The auto component and manufacturing industries in Tamil Nadu, IT industry in Karnataka, pharmaceutical and bio-technology businesses in Andhra Pradesh and service sector and general engineering in Puducherry and Kerala are among the major markets for dg sets in this region.
The western region has the second highest position in the diesel generator market in India as it houses the largest number of industries, including automobile, iron and steel, chemical and petrochemical, textiles, jewellery, pharmaceuticals and cement. Maharashtra and Gujarat constitute of the maximum share in driving dg set growth in western part of India. Even though the power deficit situation in the western region is decreasing with every passing year, the demand for diesel generators remain constant, because they are a reliable source of backup power.
The manufacturing sector is projected to fuel growth in demand for dg sets due to the flourishing auto component industry. By the end of 2016, India is also being projected to become the second largest steel producer in the world. This industry demands continuous power supply for machining, running processing units, resin molding, welding, pressing, and assembling.

Easy to install and to operate, easily available in the market and low space requirements make dg sets the most preferred choice.

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