Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Emission norms for Diesel Generators.

With all due respect to how much technology has advanced in the past few decades itself, pollution and harm to the environment has grown to an alarming state. If it weren’t for certain norms, rules and regulations that monitor the number of factors polluting the environment, the world would have been in shambles.

In India, the Ministry of Environment has been working tirelessly to ensure that the ratio for pollutants is balanced well with nature. The latest amendment from Ministry of Environment (Central Pollution Control Board) was rolled out in July 2014 which calls for substantial reduction in emissions from diesel generator sets.

These norms put a limit on how much volume of pollutants a certain diesel generator must emit. And the only thing better than damage control is preventing the harm. Most diesel generators produce harmful gases like Sulphur Dioxide, Carbon Mono Oxide, and Non-Methane Hydro Carbons among others.

What makes Mahindra Powerol Diesel Generators a whole lot better than most generators is the minimal amounts of hazardous gasses in parts per million units of volume that are emitted from their highly efficient diesel generator sets. 

From plants located in the municipality boundaries of a city or town to those located in distant areas, the standards set by the State Pollution Control Board are always met by these diesel generators.

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