Sunday, 24 May 2015

The Diesel Generator: Running India!

What keeps India running? Well, we would love to say a million other things but in literal terms it is this small, sometimes large diesel chugging, weaved between nuts and bolts  kind of machine that runs houses, small set ups and business in our country.

A massive grid failure would lead any nation crippled. But the amount of preparedness seen in India (Thanks to the unreliability of the power grids) would usually make an otherwise blacked out time, well, unnoticeable.  Hospitals, houses, shop and establishments have equipped themselves for a power downtime, even if it means for 8 straight hours.

Entire industries and neighbourhood’s rely on diesel power, including India’s massive call center and outsourcing campuses, private apartment buildings and small shops. Even the most utilitarian things, like the telecom towers that help power India’s much-vaunted mobile phone revolution, are often powered by diesel.

So why is it critical to have your home/establishment powered up with generators?

For e.g. In a hospital, you would need generators to keep your dialysis machine running. Or powering the massive outsourcing belts to give non-stop service to their international clients. There is a high possibility that the apps that you are enjoying on your phone right now is thanks to a diesel generator powered telecom tower. 

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