Thursday, 26 February 2015

Choosing the right partner (Generator)

Power cuts are not something you can avoid. You counter it by picking and installing a generator that meets your need. However buying the right generator can be a daunting process. Most technical buys are dependent on the influencer, in most cases that being the seller. A wrong buy would not only would lead you to losing money, but getting stuck with a product that makes you spend more in repair and adjustments. So we thought, this blog should be about a checklist, which you could use to choose the correct generator.

1.     Determine wattage needs
Determine how much power you need for the items you care about. Get a professional, trained electrician to help you arrive at this figure.

2.     Choose the right location
Locate your existing electrical service panel and gas line to target any potential problems before buying a generator. The wiring and the placement should be done keeping in mind the above mentioned elements.

3.     Perform product comparisons
         Compare power outputs, run times, and prices, along with what’s included in                 those prices, such as accessories, warranties, support and installation.

4.     Determine financing options
        Some retail stores/websites offer financing options for generator purchases. Check for financing options.

5.     Consider included items
        Check whether the generator comes with warranty or maintenance package.                   Check for ancillaries and accessories like a power cord, oil and wheels.

6.     Consider additional costs
        Check the cost of installation by a qualified professional

7.     Establish your budget
       Generator prices fall across a wide range, so determining how much you’d like to           spend is important.

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