Friday, 18 July 2014

The Power of Rain-Gods

The MET department recently announced that the monsoon has hit the entire country in all its might. People who would have experienced this Thor-like power-graphic effect on the skyline or in the fields, have a shared a mix of reactions. While the city cries of water logged roads & long, uncomfortable travel, the villages rejoice & welcome the rain. You will always find people sharing these emotions the other way round too.

But there is one reaction that is universal. And that reaction is to a POWER-CUT. Watching an exciting football match and the screen going blank invites a variety of true-bred shouts from us. No one likes to sleep & sweat at the same time, neither do they want to play Jack & Jill & stumble from the stairs in the dark. But rains have different plans for us. Rains usually invite frequent and untimely power-cuts which usually send our schedule and comfort spiraling.
At Mahindra Powerol, we understand this. And that’s why we have powered up diesel generators to keep the POWER-ON.  These compact-size, fuel efficient dg sets allow you the ability to keep the power running even when the rains decide to do a display.

So then, if the rains decide to play spoil sport, don’t fret. Because with us, the POWER is always in your hands...
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