Wednesday, 26 March 2014


If the concept of saving power sounds like an old man's haggle to you, here are 3 simple steps for you to play Captain Planet. Get ready to save energy and brag about it too... 

1. 'LED' the change
Replace your incandescent light bulbs with colorful LED. They are cheaper, vivid and consume less electricity. Switch it on, change it as per the mood of the moment and watch her go 'Oooo'

2. Use the window well
Open up your windows for light and air to come in. There is nothing that light ups the house like sunlight. Fresh air and love is all we need...

3. Unplug Posters
Make people in the house conscious of unplugging all appliances when not in use. Put up some cool posters, reminding users to unplug when done... Go corny. Embarrassing enough for the person who left your computer on for more than 10 minutes to go and switch it off

So the next time your friends visit you, show off the cool things you do to save money and save the planet. Don't forget to put on your cape

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