Wednesday, 27 November 2013


In today’s era, energy demands are exponentially high and energy resources are depleting rapidly. It’s now time to come up with some innovative and brilliant ideas to generate environment friendly and low cost energy without utilizing the already becoming extinct energy resources. The following list is a compilation of some excellent ways to generate power.
·         Cycling to generate electricity - The Crown Plaza Hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark, was the first one who came forward with an exciting and innovative way to generate power. They offer a free meal to any guest who produces electricity for the hotel on an exercise bike attached to a generator. The guests have to produce at least 10 watt hours of electricity which is around 15 minutes of cycling to get a meal vouchers worth $36 (26 euros). This system gives health benefits as a byproduct to the generated electricity. The energy produced can generate energy to run a laptop for approximately 30 minutes. The idea is easy to implement and can be implemented by anyone on an individual’s level.

·         Car washing - The innovative device designed by Vandenbussche, POWA Water Generator, is a small turbine that is placed in between the hosepipe used to wash to cars or water the lawn. As the water rushes through the pipe, the blades of the small turbine turn and generate electricity. This company envisioned the system to charge the batteries of the electric cars but this electricity can be used for other purposes also.

·         Dancing on Floor of a Club - Till date it has been known that clubs are the maximum consumers of electricity as the music and the lighting systems consume a lot of power on daily basis. Now the clubs are an excellent place to generate power too. The idea was implemented by a club, Bar Surya, in London, that re-outfitted its floor with springs. The springs when compressed by dancers, produce electrical current. This current is stored in batteries and consumed to run the devices in the club. The dance floor can now power 60 percent of the club’s energy needs.

·         Exhaust of a Vehicle - The unconsumed fuel of the vehicle comes out from the exhaust in the form of heat. This heat can be harnessed to generate electricity. Thermoelectric generators convert heat into electrical energy by making use of a temperature gradient. The greater the temperature difference, the more current can be produced. Researchers say that the temperature difference between the exhaust pipe and a pipe carrying engine cooling fluid can thus be several hundred degrees Celsius. This temperature difference is used to generate current. This electricity can cover a fairly good proportion of car’s power requirements.

·         Solar Panels on Rooftops - An interesting way to generate electricity is by covering the roof of the house with a layer of solar panels. These panels serve dual purpose as they in addition to generating electricity provide insulation and lower the temperature of the house. The panels can also be placed in the backyard.

New and further developments have taken place in the domain of energy and power generation by various industries. The use of cutting-edge technology for fossil fuel generation has been made possible by one such technology known as the CO2 Capture and Storage technology which aims at impacting the environment in minimal ways.

CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) technology is a totally innovative process. Firstly, CO2 is separated from other gases produced in coal-fuelled plants, and then it is captured and transported to storage sites. Thus, the carbon dioxide produced in plants is seized and trapped in geological formations, such as depleted gas and oil reservoirs and deep saline aquifers.

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