Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Fun Things to do During a Power Cut

There you are watching your favorite television show or surfing your favorite social networking site on your PC when all of a sudden *pop* - You are thrown into a world of Darkness. As you try to walk to get your flashlights & candles – Coffee tables and chairs are the biggest obstacles that launch a merciless attack on your legs, & doors appear where they never were before. Well, without creating more of a Bollywood experience – it’s really tough when we experience power cuts.

The problem we face the most during a power cut – is that there is nothing to do. In today’s world, we are so much dependent on electricity & technology, that even 1 hour of power cut can infuriate us.

Here are some fun ways to engage & kill your boredom during the power cuts:
  •  "Love thy Neighbor as Thyself" – A power cut gives you the best possible reason to go catch up with your neighbors.  Certainly even they are as frustrated over the power cut as you are, so why not have a small get together and some chit-chat sessions that will lighten up your mood.
  • Time for some scary stories – This may seem little bit surprising to your family members but trust us – there is nothing better than discussing your scary moments in the dark. Undoubtedly, the spooky factor will help you get close to your loved ones.
  • Light switch Roulette - Turn off every switch you can find (Note: if you work in a hospital, leave the life support machines alone) and treat yourself a game of light switch roulette. Gather all family members and grab a torch light. Make your family sit in a circle & roll the flash light in the center. Wherever the flash light stops, the member closest to it has to perform anything they can. This will help you pass time & if you have Ice cream in your fridge (remember to eat it otherwise it shall melt away)
  • Get Creative – The power cuts make you realize how dependent you are on the conventional source of electricity. Then why not Solar Power? Go do some research as soon as you finish reading this post and acquire some of the cheap solar powered lights which are cool enough to light up your home when your normal power tricks you off.
I hope that next time you face a power cut; you will apply some of our advices to adore an evening of somewhat bizarre amusement.

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