Thursday, 25 August 2011

Survive Power Cuts

There's nothing like a good old power cut to prompt you just how reliant on technology we really are. Power Cuts are more than just sitting in the dark. All the appliances stop working which clearly brings all our daily doings to a stop. It is really troublesome to carry out all activities during a power cut. Knowing what to do in a power cut will keep you ahead of time besides it will make life much stress-free when the crisis occurs.

Here are some tips that will help you survive the power cut –

Shut all electrical appliances – Shut the machines from their switches as voltage fluctuation may damage the machine. Keep fridge-freezers plugged in and one small light so you'll know when the power comes back on, but unplug and turn off other unused appliances.

Emergency Lighting – During the night time, it is always advisable to keep candles & solar powered lights handy to light up the house during a power cut. Solar powered appliances are very useful in such situations as well as such appliances conserve electricity.

 Water Safety - Water purification system may not work in a power cut. So it is essential to store bottled water for use as a backup. If bottled water is not obtainable, tap water can be boiled for use.

Take care while using generators – Gasoline powered generators are hazardous if not used with proper caution. Never use them indoors or in close garages that allow the smokes to flow into the house. Use proper electrical cords while operating generators.

Catch a number of amusement activities to pass the Power Cut period – Indulge in some fun activities which include taking up the acoustic guitar, tambourine, drums or wind instruments. If you put your thought to it, you can come up with many more pastimes that do not depend on electricity.
Planning ahead makes emergencies livable. Keep a check on all the tips in advance and survive a power cut without too much annoyance.

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